About Us

We first fell in love with log houses when we saw one at short range some eight years ago and immediately decided to build one ourselves. Actual construction began six months later, and we have been living in it ever since. Somewhere down the road we decided to „go professional“, capitalising on the experience and the contacts gained in the course of the building process.

Thanks to the collective expertise we are able to provide the customers need not bother with complicated techniques and can focus on enjoying, as it were, the finished product. All our clients of the past eight years have actually become our friends.

We plan everything beforehand, and work only with experienced professionals from all fields, from planning stage through planning through permits to planting the last nails in the wall.

Our transylvanian building experts have been around wood all their lives. They have gradually enlarged their clientele, now serving a wide circle of home buyers around the globe.

We work with redwood, a variety whose smell and quality remain constant for years as confirmed by our own experience. Many years after moving in, our house still gives off a fresh and natural smell, bringing peace to the whole family.