Clients can bring their own ideas, or we can work out the final plan together. Alternatively, you may also give the architect a free hand to plan the whole house on his own.

Our architect has planned as many as 12 log houses during the last 8 years. We also accept jobs based on the customer’s own preliminary plans.

Gerendaház Tervezés



Obtaining the required permits is a complex and time consuming procedure but we know our „way around the labyrinth” and we’ll gladly handle it for you.

Gerendahaz Engedélyeztetés

Foundation works


With the permits in hand site preparation work can begin: trenching, laying the concrete foundation, water, sewage, electricity, gas pipework, etc.

We can offer the services of skilled personnel for the above:

  • machine operators
  • masons
  • electrician
Gerendaház Alapozása

Building the log house


Meanwhile, construction of the actual house begins in Transylvania. The whole process takes about one month and a half by which time foundation work on the site will have been completed.

We warmly recommend a trip to Transylvania to inspect your future home. This can be combined with memorable excursions around the region.

Gerendaház Építés

Assembly of pre-fabricated elements


The concrete of the foundation must be left to cool for a few weeks, after which a trailer delivers the prefabricated elements to the site.

Szerkezetkész Gerendaház

The assembling of the elements on the site takes about 8-10 days. This is followed by work on the roof.

Szerkezetkész Gerendaház Felhúzása

Electricity, water, sewage, gas


For more efficiency work is carried out simultaneously by the different professionals (plumber, electrician, gas fitter, etc.).

Gerendaház Közmű

Roof work


Some of the roofbuilding work is done by the construction workers, the rest is left to the tinman.

Gerendaház Tetőmunkálatok

Doors and windows


They are included in the price of the house and come in different styles. The blinds are also included.

Gerendaház Nyílászárók

Inside work


Once the house firmly stands on the ground, inside work can begin.

  • water
  • electricity
  • heating
  • painting
  • tiling and flooring

This part of the work lasts for about a month after which the house is ready to welcome ist new occupants.

Belső Munkálatok



A house would not be complete without a beautiful garden and a fence. Please do not hesitate to request our help for: digging out the fence base, installing a gate (electronic, or manual), creating a parking space, laying pavements, leveling, planting flowers, installing a sprinkler system, etc.